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Studio is closed. Now shooting on-location, special events and in-home sessions

Remember, without curves, the world would be flat


Models with prints for sale including Cat Divine and RodeoJJ

Tips and ideas on wardrobe choices, posing and a few other topics of interest. read here...

The photographer, Aaron Lewis, studied photography beginning in high school, more...

If you like what you see and feel that I can help bring your vision to life, contact me today for a free consultation.

Holiday Items

Photographic Greeting Cards

Greeting cards purchased with 3 or more prints, any one package or any one specialty item. To purchase greeting cards a` la carte regular print prices will apply.



4 x 6



4 x 8



5 x 7




Porcelain Ornaments (Single or Double Sided)
Star, tree, round, snowflake and decorative-edged round styles available. Includes golden strings.


$8.00 / $14.00

Aluminum Ornaments (Double Sided Only)
Round, rectangular, oval, hexagon, or tapered shapes with brushed aluminum edges. Comes double-sided, including a red satin ribbon.




Sled Ornaments (Single Sided Only)
Sled-shaped, pewter frame-style ornament including a red satin ribbon (Single Sided).




Silver Frame Ornaments (Double Sided Only)
(2) 2x3 prints (1 on each side) in decorative silver frames including white satin ribbons. Vertical or horizontal.




Metal Shape Ornaments (Single or Double Sided)
White gloss finish available in London and Benelux styles.


$14.00 / $18.00



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