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Studio is closed. Now shooting on-location, special events and in-home sessions

Remember, without curves, the world would be flat


Models with prints for sale including Cat Divine and RodeoJJ

Tips and ideas on wardrobe choices, posing and a few other topics of interest. read here...

The photographer, Aaron Lewis, studied photography beginning in high school, more...

If you like what you see and feel that I can help bring your vision to life, contact me today for a free consultation.

Products and Pricing

By taking a new approach on how people should be charged for services, I've chosen to quote each project individually.

Your project, like most, is unique and should be priced as such. Not based around a "one size fits all" pricing structure.

While we do offer a few pre-priced bundles, these are simply collections of popular items to help ease the decision making process. Our focus is a photo session tailored to your needs. Using this model means you won't pay for things you don't need and you won't be forced into buying things you don't want.

Simple, honest pricing built around your specific needs! Contact us today for a quote on your special photography project.


Prints and many specialty items may be ordered directly from your proofing gallery
by using the BUY PHOTOS button.

If you don't find what you're looking for, many other items are available by contacting us directly.
To learn more about photo products or to schedule a session, contact us by phone or email..

All photo sessions include a secure anonymous online proofing gallery!

Single Prints

The ability to order single print items in any quantity you wish. Mix and match images of different size prints makes this a very flexible option. Prints are available in three finishes, matt, glossy and metallic. Specific options may vary when ordering online.
Options and Pricing

Print Packages

Choose from one of our 5 pre selected packages containing the most popular print items or combine 3 or more single print items, of any one image, to create your own custom package and save up to 15%. Specific options may vary when ordering online.
Options and Pricing

Specialty Items

The ability to print your favorite image on your favorite widget. Print your image on just about anything including mugs, calendars, mouse pads, puzzles, iPhone and iPad accessories and more.
Call for pricing

Sports Items
Print your picture, team picture or family pictures on large selection of sport related items such as sports balls in various sizes, plaques of various shapes, pennant or round shaped wall clingers and a variety of ESPN favorites such as magazine covers, blankets, cards and more.
Call for pricing

Holiday Items
Send your friends and family a customized card for the holidays, birthday, special occasions and more. Or, choose a custom holiday ornament available in various shapes, sizes and materials to brighten some ones day.
Options and Pricing

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