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Studio is closed. Now shooting on-location, special events and in-home sessions

Remember, without curves, the world would be flat


Models with prints for sale including Cat Divine and RodeoJJ

Tips and ideas on wardrobe choices, posing and a few other topics of interest. read here...

The photographer, Aaron Lewis, studied photography beginning in high school, more...

If you like what you see and feel that I can help bring your vision to life, contact me today for a free consultation.

Tips and Ideas

One of the biggest challenges clients have can be deciding what to wear. Maybe some of our wardrobe guidelinescan help you decide what's best for you.

Often portrait customers, and even experienced models, struggle with posing ideas. I frequently here statements such as "I'm not photogenic." Our Tips on posing can help.

There are a lot of articles out there telling you how to become a model, how to get known or how to"make it." The thing I'll say about that is there is no magic bullet. Start young, very young, get in the right circles and don't get discouraged. On another note, know your limits. Know what you want to do as equally well as what you don't want to do.  Here's a great reference from Dekilah called Know Your Limits and another from Eleanor Rose called Setting Your Limits

If you're considering modeling nude, you're not alone. There's absolutely nothing wrong or "dirty" about nude modeling. It's human form and it's perfectlly natural. However, there are some things you should consider before embarking on this journey. 8 Considerations for Potential Nude Models

Another very controversial topic of interest is escorts. New models are often enclined to bring escort to a shoot for various reasons. What they don't realize is the other side, the photographers side. From our view, you're asking to bring an unknown person into our small space with thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment.  This increases both the potential for damage and the photographers liablity exposure. A good video on this topic can be viewed here A Model’s Guide to Escorts and Professionalism of course this is only one persons opinion on the topic.

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