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Wardrobe Ideas

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A common thread to all types of sessions is know what you want.

I need your help! When you arrive at the studio, you should have a solid idea of the style you want to shoot in. You should also know what poses you’ll be trying and what you want the end result to look like. All of which should be discussed during consultation.

Consultation is always free. This is your time to tell me what you're looking for form the session. Let's use that time to meet, have some coffee, and discuss our ideas. so we can enter the session with a common goal. 

We understand ideas change and creativity happens on the fly. While there’s never a set script for your session,  being prepared and beginning with a common goal will help yield the best results.

Family photos:

Everyone has a different idea of what makes up appropriate attire for family portraits. Photography is a creative art so I'm open to your ideas. I'll provide suggestions based on experience but I'll always respect your personal style. After all, this is about you.

In general there are some sound guidelines to follow when choosing a wardrobe for family or group photos. Let me begin by saying, you don't  all have to match exactly. Everyone wearing jeans and a white shirt may sound like a good idea but it makes for a boring non personalized photo. So how do you start.

Well, think of your wardrobe like decorating a room.

Limit patterns, large bold patters can be distracting
Choose colors that accent or compliment each another. Accessorize.
Choose accessories that match the shirt of someone else in the photo (accents)
Use colors to tie the people together
Contrast is good, don't wear a blue top with blue pants.

Again, like decorating, choose colors of similar saturation. Don't mix pastel like colors with heavy bold colors. Remember, consultation is always free

There's a good reference here at Click it up a Notch

Senior Portraiture / Head Shots / General Portraiture:

This is the time for you to be you. The idea of a portrait is to convey who you are. We want to capture your style and personality in the most appropriate way.

When preparing for a portrait session choose clothing that wouldn't cause your friends to ask what you're up to. Unless we're doing head shots for a modeling portfolio or other specialized situation, we want to photograph YOU!

Accessories are important to the overall feel of the image. For example, if you're a guitarist then lets incorporate music and a guitar into your photos. Props shouldn't become the primary focus, yet adding a few subtle elements, that pertain to your personality, can pull an image together.


Maternity sessions are one of my personal favorites. There are endless options, angles and ideas to work with.When choosing a wardrobe consider a few things.

This is about showing the belly, the baby bump. It's size, it's shape and you're personal joy of being with child. We don't want to wear anything that's going to take away from or distract us from seeing that.

I find it best to wear tight stretchy tops, something that clings to your shape. As an alternative a light loose dress that can be held against your shape works equally well. Try to avoid large bulky items such as knit sweater and sweatshirts.

While solid colors are generally best on the top, smooth or textured materials can work to add some dimension to the shot. Stay away from bold patterns as they can be distracting to the eye and will ultimately take away from the subject, you!

It's also become popular to work with minimal clothing such as a bra and panty set, topless or even nude. We frequently incorporate sheer wraps to these looks for a splash of color or texture. The look you choose is entirely up to you and your comfort level. Whatever you choose, it should be considered before arriving for your session.

A good reference for wardrobe ideas can be found here at LifeasMama

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